These days, it seems like taking things digitally is the new normal. This stands true for invitations too. When you look at your invitations, they definitely set the tone for your event, corporate gathering or wedding day. Have you ever tossed up between print vs. digital invitations? Here are a few reasons we opt for the printed option!

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#1 A printed invitation sets the scene and the tone for the event.

Printed invitations are a fantastic way to tell your guests about all the fun that awaits them. For example, if you’re throwing an extravagant party complete with fireworks and fancy food, make sure your invitation reflects this! If it’s for Halloween time and there will be spooky vibes in the air (with costumes!), let people know they can look forward to plenty of festivities on their doorstep by making some creative invitations.

#2 There is something to be said about the touch and feel of printed invites.

It cannot be denied. Nothing beats the sensation of touch and feel. When your invitee receives their printed invitation, the experience feels more personal. This lost art is slowly making a comeback too. Things feel real when you get something in the flesh – plain and simple.

#3 Printed invites create anticipation.

When you receive an invitation to a loved one’s wedding, it feels like they’re making their special day official. It becomes more real and personal when the excitement hits you in your mailbox.

Let us set the nostalgic scene. When we were younger, our parents always received our invitations for a child’s birthday party from class, primary school graduation, or even family events. Can you recall how exciting that feeling was? That is precisely what you will give your guests with a printed invite!

#4 Printed invites are memorable.

If you’re constantly being bombarded by event requests, game invites, and page invitations on social media from people you barely know, it’s easy to dismiss any genuine invitation as junk. Let us say we have acknowledged the invitation after all. This one happens to be legitimate. We just click the ‘going’ button for the sake of it, and often times don’t even go. Sound familiar?

Now, a tangible print invite will stand out like a beacon among the hustle-and-bustle of your everyday life. It will stop you in your tracks and force you to absorb what is in front of you.

#5 Printed invites are inclusive.

There might be some members of your family, or your other half’s family, who aren’t the most computer savvy. Great Uncle Earl or Great Grandma Martha might not even have a computer. By having a printed invitation, you will ensure every invitee will get their invitation!

Are you thinking about printing your invitations for your upcoming event? Then get in touch with our team at A-Team Printing today!


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