When it comes to marketing and branding, we know that it is important to have your customers or potential customers recognise you quickly. Many businesses do this well with their websites, social media, and printed banners; one area that is often overlooked, however, is corporate stationery.   


We know that in today’s digital world you probably aren’t using corporate stationery as much as you used to, but it still certainly has a place in business communications. Beyond the typical purpose, branded stationery still serves as a tangible representation of your brand identity, and choosing the right stationery can make an impact on everyone involved, from employees and partners to clients and suppliers.  


What to Consider with Corporate Stationery  


Now, there are many options out there for corporate stationery, but when you are looking for a brand overhaul, it can be difficult to decide which stationery to use and how it should be designed.  

There are some key considerations for selecting the right stationery that will ensure those letterheads align with the image and values of your business.  


Reflecting Your Brand Identity  


One of the most important aspects of your corporate stationery is that it is an extension of your brand, and it needs to reflect your brand. Whether you use business cards, letterheads or envelopes, each item needs to produce a consistent and cohesive message and image.  

You should consider elements such as your colour palette, typography and logo placement.  

Struggling to consider what to use? If your brand identity is professional and elegant, classic colours and clean designs are perfect. For those vibrant brands, you might want to consider experimenting with bold colours and modern fonts.  


Quality Does Matter  


Now that a lot of our business dealings are digital, we don’t really need to worry about how something feels in the hand, but it is still an important factor when you are dealing with printed materials. It is important to remember that the quality of your corporate stationery does reflect on your business, so investing in high-quality materials sends a message of professionalism and shows that you care about how your business is viewed.  


You should choose paper with an appropriate weight and texture that not only aligns with your brand but makes it stand out – the last thing you want is images that run, or ink that shows through on the other side of the paper.  


It’s true that a visually appealing business card or letterhead, as well as one that feels good when held, can leave a lasting impression. 


Functionality and Practicality  


There’s no denying that aesthetics are crucial and should not be overlooked, but you also shouldn’t overlook the functionality and practicality of items such as letterheads, business cards and envelopes. 


You should ensure that the size, format, and layout of your corporate stationery are to general industry standards and are compatible with printers and other office equipment. With business cards, you have more leeway in terms of whether you choose standard or slimline business cards. Still, you need to consider how easy it is to write on letterheads (or format documents to print onto them), and the readability of text on your business cards, for example; too small of a font means that your potential customers and customers aren’t going to be able to read your details.  


Design Versatility  


Business owners know that having branded stationery can be useful, but often they don’t consider the ways they will use it. How you intend to use your stationery on a day-to-day basis will dictate the design you use. A versatile design allows for your branding to be adapted across various communication channels; your letterhead should integrate with any digital documents you use, and your business cards should be effective for both traditional networking events and virtual meetings. A versatile design that has been well thought out will help ensure consistent branding across all platforms.  


Budgetary Considerations 


Branding isn’t particularly cheap, and we often work with business owners who have budgetary constraints when it comes to printed corporate stationery. While having a quality product is essential, it is equally as important to consider your budget.  


Being on a budget means assessing your stationery needs and allocating resources accordingly. You should prioritise spending on items like business cards and letterheads and look for more budget friendly printing options.  


If you can balance the quality and your budget, you’ll be making a wise investment in your business, without overspending.  


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options 


An increasing number of businesses these days are opting for sustainable and eco-friendly stationery, talk to your printer about using recycled or FSC-certified paper and eco-friendly inks when preparing your corporate stationery.  


A demonstrated commitment to sustainability can help to enhance your brand’s reputation and help your business appeal to a more environmentally conscious client base.  


Consistency Across Your Corporate Stationery  


If there is one factor that is an absolute must, it’s ensuring that you remain consistent across all stationery items to ensure a cohesive brand identity. Work with your graphic design team to ensure that fonts, colours and logos are consistent across all digital and print stationery. It is this consistency that will reinforce recognition of your brand and grow your professional and trustworthy image.  


Corporate Stationery Printing in Western Australia  


When it comes to corporate branding, even the smallest of details matter – and that extends to your printed corporate stationery. It is essential to prioritise brand identity, quality and versatility to ensure your stationery not only meets your practical needs, but also leaves a lasting impression on your potential clients and current clients.  


At A Team Printing, we can help you get the balance right between aesthetics, functionality and your budget. Your corporate stationery is more than just some words and pictures printed on paper; it is a representation of your business in your industry, and done well, it can help to elevate your brand over your competitors.  


Looking for corporate stationery in Western Australia? The team at A Team Printing can help you with graphic design, choosing the right paper and getting your products printed at a high quality. Contact us for a chat about your printing needs.