All of us are impacted by the world of real estate, whether we are buying, selling, exploring the Perth property market; or are the real estate agents facilitating the market’s activity!

Real estate agents: In today’s Perth real estate market, it goes without saying that property is hot. That is why having a solid print marketing strategy is vital to be seen and heard. It conveys your reliability, your properties unique selling proposition, and the overall quality of your personal brand.

Here is our guide to being front-and-centre as a Perth real estate agent…


#1 Images are EVERYTHING in real estate

These days, people can spot a cheesy stock image from a mile away. Images like the oh-so-familiar photo of a solid handshake in front of a property or a set of keys in front of a home are practically ignored for being overused. This visual is not going to grab the attention of prospective buyers or sellers, because it does not come across as genuine. Your goal with images should be to channel your prospective client’s emotions, add true depth to your brand and to address a need of some kind that is prevalent amongst your ideal target audience.


#2 Consistency is key


Once you have a campaign key message, including tagline and relevant colours, images and text – it’s essential that you stick to it. By using the same design, branding and campaign elements across all your printed materials, your brand will be more recognisable, establishing a good reputation among your audience.


#3 Print assets to have in your back pocket



So, now that we have outlined the parameters to consider around real estate print marketing, here are a few print assets we recommend considering for your strategy.  

  • Brochures: In the world of Perth real estate, brochures are a tried and tested asset, that has stood the test of time. They are perfect for showcasing properties, including several photos of the home, layout of the property, significant features of the home and anything else to get your campaign message across.


  • Pull-up banners: Banners can first and foremost get your prospective buyers in the door. Incorporate a durable banner into your marketing to spread awareness and generate excitement. You can also use an indoor banner to give other essential information or just thank your prospects.


  • Business cards: This one goes without saying. Your prospects need a way to contact you once they leave and marinate on if this home is right for them. Keep consistent with your colours, design and logo so that you leave a lasting impression.


  • Presentation folders: A nice and tidy way to give your prospects something to take home is a presentation folder. This way you can place the brochures, upcoming home opens, info about you and your agency, and your business cards in a concise space. Presentation folders will simply elevate your brand’s look and feel.


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