Whether for business advertisements, event announcements, or even highlighting services, choosing the right-fitted design and suitable font is always challenging.


However, as the saying goes, every challenge overcome, yields great success. For a  flyer to be successful, it  must be eye-catching, attention-grabbing, easily readable and should convey a clear and direct message. The font of the flyer works as the centre point for it all.  In this article, we’ve curated our best digital printing Perth tips to help you choose the right font for your flyers.


Ensure maximum readability

The flyer’s design is essential, but can’t serve its purpose if the font is not readable. People usually spend only a few seconds reading a flyer. Therefore, if they can’t read the text, they will glaze over your marketing, and you will lose opportunities with your target audience.

Some commonly used fonts for flyers are Sans Serif fonts such as Verdana, Helvetica, Calibri, etc. Readability can be enhanced by leveraging the different graphic elements that make a font stand out. Consider the font size, colour, whether it is italics and which parts need to be made bold.

Always keep your audience in mind

You can’t use the same font for every design. Similarly, the same font can’t be used for every type of audience. You cannot use Times New Roman for a fun birthday party flyer, right? It will not go with the theme. Same way, using a more playful font would not work for an official corporate flyer. Always think about your target audience when choosing your fonts.

You need to choose a font according to the audience you’re planning to target. For instance, Comic Sans for young audiences, minimalistic fonts for high-end audiences like corporates, and decorative fonts for 3-4 letter announcement flyers are a good start.


Stick to a single font with distinct weights

You don’t need several fonts in one flyer; doing so may make it look distorted. However, you can use one font in distinct weights such as bold, different headings, styles, sizes, etc. Harmony can be achieved by sticking to a single font in weights. The commonly used method is to use Sans Serif fonts for headings as they’re a bit bolder, and Serif fonts for the body content because of increased readability.


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