With many businesses turning to digital marketing, it’s easy to forget about print media. But while the landscape has changed, there’s no doubt that print remains a powerful tool for businesses; and with the right graphic design team, your print materials can still have just as much impact as always.  

When it comes to print media, there are many moving parts that come together to create something that will stand out. While the copy entices people to your business, it’s the graphic design that captures attention, and helps to build an emotional connection with your audience.  

Every visual element tells a story and shapes your brand identity, whether it be a brochure, catalogue, business card or packaging.  

Graphic design, and graphic designers, play an important role in creating the visual identity of your business. They are the storytellers utilising their creative skills and technical know-how to make your materials informative, appealing and engaging.  

How Graphic Design is Used in Print Media 

There are many ways graphic design is used in print media, and often you won’t consider these until working with a graphic design team. However, here at A Team Printing, we do recommend that you think about these factors so that when it comes time to talk with your designer, you’ll be one step ahead.  

Clarity and Comprehension  

When looking at marketing a business or a product, often the information can be complex and difficult to get through. This information can be made easily digestible using visuals, infographics, and typography. Charts, diagrams, and eye-catching headlines can all be much more enticing to your audience than blocks of words.  

Emotional Engagement  

We don’t often think about how colours and imagery can evoke feelings and make your audience think of particular things. If you’re selling food or have a restaurant, imagine how enticing a menu or catalogue with colourful food photography would make you feel; or if you run a yoga studio, a brochure featuring water and nature can invoke a feeling of mindfulness and relaxation.  

Brand Building  

One of the best ways to get your brand recognised is to have consistent design elements across all your print and online materials. Using a graphic designer to create your logo, put your colour palette together and choose the best fonts, means that your brand becomes recognisable. A cohesive and professional presentation is important when marketing your business or product. 

Telling Your Brand Apart  

There would be very few businesses that don’t operate in a crowded marketplace, and eye-catching graphic design can help you stand out. Unique layouts, creative illustrations and great typography can be the difference between a potential customer putting your flyer on the fridge, or popping it in the bin.   

Why Use a Skilled Graphic Designer for Your Perth Business  

With the advancements in technology, there are many design programs that allow you to design your own logos, marketing materials and social media materials at relatively low cost. But without good design skills, your marketing products are only going to get lost amongst those of your competitors.  

There are plenty of reasons to use a skilled graphic designer when you are wanting to create new print media, or rejuvenate your old, tired print media.  

Increases brand recognition – consistent and professional designs build trust and familiarity with your brand.  

Enhanced communication – Graphics allow complex information to be presented clearly, leading to better understanding of your offer and conversions of potential customers.  

Strengthened customer engagement – relevant eye-catching visuals can evoke emotions and create a lasting connection with your audience. Even if they have never purchased from you before, building connections is an important step before they do.  

Improved ROI on marketing – there’s no doubt that professionally designed print materials stand out, attract attention, and can help you generate more leads and sales.  

Cost effective – while online marketing can be budget friendly in comparison to print marketing, strategically investing in good design can give you dividends for years to come. Evergreen materials that are well designed can work long after production costs are covered.  

Graphic designers are the unsung heroes of print media. Their creativity, technical skills, experience, and attention to detail can bring your print materials to life, making them not only informative, but also captivating and impactful.  

While hiring a professional graphic designer can be a big initial outlay, it’s important to think of it as an investment in your brand’s voice, and growth. Graphic design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about strategic communication, connecting emotionally and overall, driving the success of your business – and that’s hard to put a price on.   

Optimising for Print  

A factor we don’t need to consider when it comes to online marketing, but we do with print, is that your media needs to be optimised for printing. While there are a plethora of online design tools anyone can use, designing for print requires a set of considerations that isn’t often applicable to digital design – and it requires knowledge and experience on getting it right.  

Factors such as resolution, colour profiles and print margins need to be taken into consideration, and if you don’t know these things, it is very easy to get it wrong. A good graphic designer is well-versed in the technical aspects of print media, which ensures that not only do your designs and materials look great on-screen, but they transfer seamlessly to print. 

Detail Matters in Print  

When it comes to your print marketing, it’s important to remember that every detail matters – even when you think it doesn’t. From the weight of the paper to the spacing of your headlines, each element of your marketing materials contributes to the overall impact it has when it reaches the hands of your target market.  

Finding a great graphic designer is essential for achieving your print media goals and creating visually appealing materials. If you’ve been considering adding print media to your marketing, reach out to our graphic design team – they will help you create a valuable asset in your marketing toolkit.