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A Team Printing are Perth’s commercial printing experts, delivering high quality printing and design services across a huge range of mediums.

Business Card Printing in Perth

Business cards are an important part of growing and establishing your business. Not only do they communicate your details to potential clients and colleagues, but they help to identify your brand. A good business card is priceless. The experts at A Team Printing provide both printing and business card design in Perth.

Our standard size is 90x55mm, however there are custom sizes available.

Paper Options include:

  • Spot Varnish (Matt/Gloss)
  • Emboss, Foil, Round corner(s)
  • Folding
  • Special shapes
  • Metallic Ink
  • Raised print
  • Lots of paper options
  • Recycle stocks


The Importance of the Business Card in the Digital Age

It may seem that printed versions are taking second place to digital alternatives nowadays. While this may be true in a few sectors, this is not the case for the business card. A business card is still the most trusted way to pass details on to clients and colleagues. Attempts to create virtual business cards have largely failed – they are tricky to successfully use in real time, often distracting from the conversation at hand. Nothing beats the physical business card for establishing respect.

Furthermore, business cards sit around for a while. Clients may have them in wallets or desk drawers, stuck to the fridge, and come across your name at a later date. This lingering visibility is not achieved with digital means, and results in greater brand recognition for your business.

Tips for Business Card Design

Your business card should clearly reflect your name and company. Be colourful and creative with your designs, but don’t let patterns distract from the main points. A simple well placed logo can make a smart impression.

Ensure all contact details are easily read and up to date. Font selection is important so emails aren’t accidentally misdirected if misread. Be sure the details on the card will result in client contact – check for old phone numbers or seldom answered email addresses. You don’t want to miss a client because of outdated details.

Use eye catching finishes and textures. Upraised emblems and foil finishes will grab your clients’ attention as they receive and hold on to your business card. These touches help your card stand out, and keep your brand fresh in clients’ minds.

Business Card Printing in Perth by A Team Printing

A Team Printing has over 20 years of experience with business card design and printing in Perth. We are proud to offer quality products at great value. Just because our business cards are cheap, doesn’t mean they have to look cheap! Contact A Team today for a custom designed business card to suit your needs.