Showing your appreciation to your stakeholders can go a long way in sustaining brand loyalty and creating an additional touchpoint for your business. Printed compliment slips are still a great way to show your appreciation for your suppliers, customers and clients.

Whether you run an online business or are looking for a new way to connect with your consumer, there are many benefits that come with sending out printed compliment slips– here’s five of our favourite reasons!


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#1 They make your consumer feel valued.

Printed compliments help you save time while providing excellent customer service!

A thank you goes along way and will make any customer feel valued and appreciated. This humanises your business, which builds trust between you and them. The more people like the way they are treated by a company, the higher their likelihood of coming back for another visit.

It’s always good to give recognition where credit is due, in order not only to be kind, but also build up an excellent reputation– making the ROI worth every cent!


#2 It is another touchpoint that encourages more sales!

Compliment slips are a great way to remind your customers of the fantastic service you provide. When they receive their printed compliment slip from your company, it will be an unforgettable reminder that you care about them and want them back in the future! They’ll remember how much better they felt with you when receiving this token of appreciation for coming into your store or restaurant – which will keep the accountant happy!


#3 It is an extension of your brand.

For those Perth businesses who are working on a tight budget, the power of compliment slips is worth its weight in gold. Whenever you distribute something to potential and existing contacts, you are imprinting your brand into their mind for the future.

For those with limited budgets, compliment slips can still make an impact as they have been known to do wonders when it comes down to branding. When distributing anything given out these days, people typically read what’s written there which means that any company using this tactic has a good chance at them remembering by name and then making purchases again later on down the line if need-be.

#4 Adds an extra layer of professionalism to your Perth business.

Compliment slips are a great way to show your customers and suppliers that you’re not just some fly-by-night operation. Whether it’s adding professionalism to customer orders or providing an easy means of communication, compliment slips can be the perfect addition for any business!


#5 Compliment slips will make you memorable.

Small businesses should look into buying compliments slips if they want their customers to know just how seriously run the company is. For quick elegance alongside smart design at its finest, compliment slips may be perfect for showing off professionalism when interacting one-on-one with clients and suppliers alike.



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