Do you think digital marketing is more effective than traditional print marketing? Sure, some aspects of digital marketing is great however even in the new age of digital media, nothing beats a business card. It is an effective tool which digital marketing will never be able to replace. At A Team Printing, we offer a wide and varied range of business card styles with a wealth of experience in print marketing to deliver the best cards for your business.

Why You Need To Invest In Quality Business Cards

There are so many reasons why investing in good quality business cards will benefit you and your company. Here are just a few.

  1. Adds a personal touch to swap information

Giving someone your business card is a great way to not only give them access to you but also to show them your brand’s style. Giving someone your business card can also be a great icebreaker or way to fill in a gap in a conversation which you would like to continue.

  1. Creates a professional first impression

Having business cards made and with you also shows you have given prior thought to networking which shows potential clients or colleagues that you are professional and serious about your business.

  1. An effective and versatile marketing tool

A business card is also an effective marketing tool as it isn’t just a piece of paper, it has your name, your position and your contact details which will stay with them and not just disappear like an online advertisement

  1. An affordable marketing tool for businesses on a budget

Business cards are an affordable and effective marketing tool for businesses on a budget because it is marketing which is going straight into the pockets of people who are in the business’s target audience. Business cards also allow you to give information to a possible client or colleague directly, which cannot be replaced digitally.

  1. Makes you prepared

Having business cards will also change the way you think about social interactions, meaning that instead of going to meeting or events and chatting with people, you will focus on networking with them instead.

  1. Convenient

Have you ever experienced the awkward interaction where you want to give someone your details but they’re phone has died, or they don’t have it on them, and no one has paper or a pen? Having a business card can turn that unprofessional interaction into a quick and professional one, leaving people with a lasting impression that you are a professional.


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If you need business cards, Perth based A Team Printing is perfect for you! We have a wide range of experience working with small businesses to large companies such as universities. We know what works and how to apply this to you and your company. Business cards are a personal marketing tool and should be used in every business to maximise your success. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us, the A Team Printing company today on 94783188 or email us.