We live in an era where Facebook advertising and SEO are at the forefront of any marketing strategy.

Titled the ‘digital age, we live in a time where companies can reach new target markets when in the past, this was not always possible.

With that being said, the principles that live on through print marketing still stand true. The lessons learnt from the days where print was the only medium to speak to your ideal customer translate, regardless of the era. 

At A Team Printing, we have devised a list of 5 prudent lessons learnt that print media has taught us. Having a firm understanding of these timeless teachings will help improve your digital and content marketing.

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Know who you are talking to and what you are talking about with adequate research.


You have a stellar brand, an amazing offering, your product or service has a unique selling proposition that deserves to be sung from the rooftops. But…who are you trying to attract? What need do you satisfy for this target audience? This is when research comes in handy, whether we are talking print or digital!

Without good research, it isn’t easy to make an impactful presence through your marketing strategy. Research helps us write original and unique content that captivates your audience right in their tracks.



Stay focused but stay flexible too.


It is easy to get lost in the fluff and the minor details when the creative juices start flowing. Our advice, don’t steer far away from the campaign objective and from the key message. Is the objective to get the prospective customer to commit to purchase? Is the idea to raise brand awareness? Regardless, don’t lose sight of that goal! 



Less is more – simplicity is key.


The saying that ‘less is more’ is a timeless phrase that can be taken as gospel in the world of marketing. Print marketing always taught us that the more simplistic your marketing is, the more impact it will create…look at Nike or Apple! Need we say more?


It is always about them! Be target audience focused every step of the way.


Since the dawn of print marketing, the key lesson was always about the customer, the end-user, the client, the target audience. What pain points are you appeasing? Your marketing and advertising should always speak to a solution to your ideal customer’s need. Print marketing has always retained that principle, by addressing one simple call to action, that addresses one primary pain point. This links back to our point above about simplicity too.

Remember, it is always about the customer, whether we are talking print or online!



Using specific and direct language. 

Content is king. When you write a bunch of vague, unspecific words that do not illustrate the topic for a reader or help the reader learn something new, gradually, people lose interest. When executing your marketing strategy, be sure to use language that cuts to the chase while still retaining that feel-good factor. 

Do you want to partner with a printer in Perth who understands the various elements of the marketing matrix? Then get in touch with your team at A Team Printing today. We will look after your print marketing needs and talk you through the various elements that make a print marketing strategy succeed!



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