Over the years, there have been several myths about the printing industry in Perth. As a printing company based in Perth, we are often faced with these myths, so it was about time we debunked a few of them! At A Team, we value integrity, and we want to give you the most accurate advice about the Perth printing industry. Here are 4 common myths about the printing industry that you may have come across.

1 No one reads printed ads anymore. It is a lost art.

  The first one we are almost too excited to debunk! Despite digital marketing booming in today’s society, print marketing is still purposeful and popular in areas such as retail companies and car dealerships. It can be seen in our daily routines, through the mail we receive in our letterbox, the posters we walk past in a shopping centre or on the bus we take on our daily commute. Printed ads are everywhere, and although not spoken about, it is a source of marketing that will always be relevant.  

2 Printing is not environmentally friendly.

  Again – debunked! We have come across many people who have not only heard this myth, but who truly believe that printing is harmful to the environment. This is a myth that has been around for a while now. As printing specialists in Perth, we can assure you that all paper we use can be easily reused and recycled. People often question that although paper can be recycled, the ink printed on the paper cannot. Print can and is often printed with soy-based inks. This is particularly true for commercial presses. Any vegetable-based inks such as soy, is much more environmentally friendly.  

3 Clients find direct mail marketing and printing impersonal.

  We believe that printed material offers more room for that personal touch and engagement with the consumer. There is a common belief that printed letters are less personal than handwritten letters because it is automated. This is not true, as the rise of technology has enabled printing industries with new techniques, such as Variable Data Printing (VDP), which allows you to customise messages for each consumer or recipient. This technique encourages the personalisation of letters and print materials. You can experiment more with personalising by creating a backdrop or graphic which draws the attention of the reader.

4 There are limited options with printing

The printing industry in Perth has often received criticism for not offering enough options for the consumer. But in reality – this is far from the truth. These days, your Perth printer can offer you endless options including various paper sizes, colour combinations, textures and can also print with shiny or raised print. Gone are the days that you are confined to stock standard materials and sizes. This myth is officially debunked! At A Team, we pride ourselves on the art of print. We are passionate about what we do. If you have any enquiries about our printing services in Perth or anything in relation to printing, feel free to call us.