Every marketing strategy should include a pull-up banner. It is a great way to stand out at an exhibition, conference, display showrooms and your next general event. As a popular marketing tool for point-of-sale displays, pull-up banners are known to grab people’s attention, in an otherwise noisy and saturated environment.

Pull-up banners come with a retractable stand, making them easy to transport and reasonably lightweight. Their portability contributes to their popularity, making it even more important to create a design that stands out from the crowd. We discuss why your marketing strategy should include pull-up banners in this article here.

Now the question remains, what is it that makes a pull-up banner capture the right type of interest? Aren’t we glad you asked. In this article, we explore how to ensure your pull-up banner creates impact!

Our team at A-Team Printing have devised 4 red-hot tips!


#1 Including all your primary branding elements, especially your logo, are a must.

From your logo to your company name, you cannot forget the primary brand elements that make your brand recognisable. Your logo is a visual representation your brand, it embodies what your company does and what you stand for. This is why your logo is a keepsake for your target audience to remember you by. Like a stamp of approval, a banner with your logo makes your company feel like it’s credible, professional and trustworthy. On the other hand, your company name should be bold, commanding and prominent.

#2 Less is more, be minimalist with your design.

The old adage that less is more, is key here. Keeping things simple ensures that the main message is not diluted or watered down. Minimise the number of colours on your banner, try and stick to your brand colours and maybe an additional one or two more colours, and keep the text to a minimum, using a bold font.


#3 Maximise the space you have, go double-sided.

Make the most use of the space you have but do so intelligently. We recommend double sided pull-up banners as they offer double the exposure in the same amount of space. If you are promoting your business in a large space or are in a crowded situation where your banner will be in the centre of a room or store, then ensuring this box is ticked is imperative!

Your second side can be as simple as repeating the design on both sides or continuing your message on the reverse side. If you’re using different designs front and back, ensure there is continuity of style.


#4 Place the most important information at the top.

Have you heard of the old pyramid formula for marketing? It is where you place the best information up the top, and the less relevant information at the bottom. The idea is you make your prospect find their way down the pyramid. This is a proven methodology to digest your brand’s offer, without getting prospects bored, or distracted along the way. On top of that, your messages down the bottom of the banner will be less likely to be seen while people are on the go, so the less important information should be placed there.


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