Marketing materials establish a bond with your cliental from the very beginning. In the competitive world of business, you want your material to stand out and speak directly to your targeted audience, by answering all their questions and solving their problems.  

At A-Team Printing, we understand how important it is to have the best material for your business, so we have chosen a few design tips for you to explore, to inspire the prime outcome for your company’s marketing body. 


Having the right material


Ensuring you have the right kind of marketing material is a crucial factor. Even whilst social media and online promotions are the modern-day trend, people still respond to a vast expanse of printed material due to the personalised sentiment.  

Pamphlets and brochures are helpful means of marketing. Even if the information is readily available on your website, printed duplicates are often preferable. When designing these forms, you need to consider how best to cater to the sequential bias of your client. From the order of information to the formatting and overall presentation, consideration must be paid to produce a feasible and appealing product to the targeted readership.  

Other forms of portraying your message can be via sales letters, posters, and banners. A sales letter can be informative and thoughtful, initiating a personal approach. As with posters and banners, sales letters need to be clear and concise and aligned with your ideal client’s desires. You want to create an impact and a design people can’t take their eyes off. By making sure it is relatable, neat, and comfortably appealing, you will engage a broader market. 


Appealing to your client basis 


Appealing to your targeted audience is possibly the most significant factor of any business in Perth. Without attraction, there is little chance they will be captivated enough to give you their attention or money. Your client should feel as if your promotional tools speak directly to them in an ideal world. 

Whilst the content should be well structured and informative, the design of your printed marketing material needs to be aesthetically pleasing to allure and captivate the eye of your audience. Cohesion and balance are essential in fashioning a successful brand. All factors must be considered from the logo to the colour palette, font to the overall scale and proportion. A well organised, pleasing, and professional means of marketing material instils trust, on your client’s part, as your brand has already portrayed the calibre of service, they can expect from you. 

By producing the right kind of printed marketing material and then adding your well-considered personal brand, this form of promotion can be very successful. Our friendly team at A-Team Printing are here and happy to assist you in your marketing projects. 


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