The landscape of commercial printing in Perth is vast and ever-changing.


None of us have a crystal ball to pre-empt what might happen, but one thing we can say is that change is inevitable, as this has stood true through the test of time.

Another thing that can be said is that the commercial print industry in Perth won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Despite there being an insurgence of digital marketing, print marketing has its place in the marketing mix.


Print ads will always be the go-to, to build trust


Digital ads are taking over the marketing playing field, however there is one thing digital ads cannot offer, and that thing is physical connection. We are talking about the tangibility of printed media reinforces brand engagement.

Whether we are referencing flyers, tickets, brochures and business cards – a print ad works with pinpointed precision, adding more personability to a company. Digital advertising, can offer drawbacks as you are competing with attention online, sometimes you may even experience people installing ad-blockers to stop your ads from appearing. This minimises brand affiliation as opposed to print.


So, where is the commercial print industry in Perth heading?


Based on print trends that have been forecasted, we have curated a list of what can be pre-empted as trends in 2022 and beyond, for the world of commercial printing in Perth.

  • Low to high growth in graphics and publications: With the tail-end of the pandemic, new opportunities have arisen for low-value printing operations to occur.


  • Packaging is increasing its market value: Customising and producing high-end packaging with labels and printed tapes on boxes is cutting through the noise and will continue to do so beyond 2022.


  • Inkjet technology: As an advanced option in print technology, this evolving solution is innovative and continuing to take a dominant position in the market.


  • Green printing is on the move: An eco-friendly option to printing, this is becoming increasingly necessary in the commercial market.


  • Quality revolution: By increasing innovation within the world of Perth commercial printing, companies which have not yet invested in new equipment will risk staying behind. It is safe to assume that we are in the middle of a quality revolution, that has picked up momentum in 2022.


  • The metaverse: The enterprise of the metaverse will see an ignited use of immersive virtual collaboration.


  • We live in a time of the cloud: As businesses transition into the cloud, as a basis for business operations, this momentum will boost cloud print services.


As a commercial printing company in Perth, we offer digital printing solutions for Perth businesses. Perth business owners often rely on us to add that elevation to their brand. Therefore, if you have a campaign coming up, or are looking to update your marketing assets, by entrusting a quality printing company in Perth, then please chat to our team of printers today.