The printing process isn’t as simple as sending in a word document and clicking print. There are many steps that a company must go through before the job is ready to be sent out. We explore the stages below.

Need for Product

Every print job begins with the need for a product. This may be personal or commercial, with products varying from posters to business cards.

Concept Right Product for Task

After the identification for the need, the concept can be developed. This can be done with our team, or individually. If it is done individually, the team can then assist later in the process.

Selection of Print Media and Method of Print

The conceptualisation of the task allows for the team to then select the basics, such as the print media and the method of printing.

Extra Embellishments

Once the print media and method of print have been selected, there is the opportunity to add extra embellishments to the job. These include foil, embossing, varnish and scodix, to name a few.

Artwork Commenced

With all the basics established, the design of the print is worked upon. Our team develops artwork. During this time, the client’s opinion on the process is appreciated.


The print job is digitalized to make it easier to share. This is not only more cost-effective, but it is also better for the environment. If something needs to be changed, it is easier to do so when the print is digital as opposed to hard-copy.

Artwork Finalised

The artwork is finalised and shown to the client, who can provide direction if needed.

Hardcopy Proof if required

In some cases, a hardcopy proof is required. This is especially relevant if there are extra embellishments, or if there is something about the print that may be difficult to work with.

Print Production of Job

After confirmation of the drafts, the job is printed. Our team will print the required amount of sheets.

Finishing of Product 

Once printed, the job is moved onto the finishing part of the process. This may involve being trimmed in the guillotine, alongside creasing, laminating, glueing, numbering, collating and so forth.


The finished product is delivered to the client. This usually involves a physical delivery of the product, alongside a digital component, such as a pdf or brochure for the client’s website.

Review of Effectiveness

The final stage of the printing process, which is especially key for larger jobs, involves reviewing the process. The review is made up of two main parts: an internal review of the project production process, and an external review which takes feedback from the client as to their thoughts on the process and final product.

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