Green is the new black as they say. 


Green printing is becoming the new normal for businesses. As global warming is increasing, the need to be conscious and environmentally aware is also rising. Businesses are now moving towards green printing which is one of the most effective ways to engage in the print industry, while also ensure you are being sustainable for our planet. The question however remains, what exactly is green printing?

Simply put, green printing in Perth is the utilisation of recyclable materials, and renewable energy sources to help in the reduction of energy usage and greenhouse emissions. When it comes to businesses, green printing has a heap of benefits to offer. In this article we are exploring a 3 of them.


Wanting to be more eco? Then printing green is an ideal eco-friendly practice 

As we already know, green printing affects our environment in a very healthy way, switching to green printing means not adding to the harmful gases that are negatively impacting earth. When businesses move towards sustainable practices, there will be a reduction in waste materials. This will result in positive effects, not just for the current generation but also to preserve this planet for future generations. Moreover, these eco-friendly practices will also contribute to protecting our natural resources and biodiversity, and also lowering pollution along the way.


Being sustainable creates a powerful brand image

When a business shifts to environmentally friendly practices, it is inevitable that your brand image gets a boost. It instantly becomes more appealing to a greater audience. This is because the majority of people prefer working with brands that respect their personal beliefs and fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). When a brand becomes associated with eco-friendly practices like green digital printing Perth, it automatically starts attracting more customers and vendors who believe in this cause and are genuinely concerned for the environment. As people become aware of the measures the business has taken to protect this planet, its customers will continue to grow and be loyal to the brand.


Gives business a competitive advantage

Most consumers these days prefer to buy from brands that follow ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Therefore, when a business shifts towards sustainability, not only does it complete its Corporate Social Responsibility, but also gains an edge over its competitors. Sometimes your brand will be THE choice due to being more green.

In conclusion, green printing is an effective way of contributing to sustainable practices. Ready to shift your business to more environmentally friendly practices? Well, then no need to search for a printing service provider who can help. Our commercial printing company, A Team Printing, is here to offer green printing services to you. While you’re here, we invite you to check out our blog series. Otherwise, feel free to contact our team now and get a quote.