A proof is used to create a preliminary representation of a printed piece, often providing a close or identical version of what the piece will resemble before printing takes place. This allows the client and printer to make any necessary changes on the piece before it is produced. On occasion proofing your digital print can be a vital step to take before going to print.

How to Proof

When it comes to proofing your work, your printing team are here to help. In many cases, printers will be able to provide a soft or hard proof at no additional cost. If there is extensive detail or complexity, there may be a charge. However, this can be discussed and agreed upon with your printer.

Types of Proofs

In the digital print industry, there are two types of proofs: hard and soft.

Hard Proofs

A hard proof is a physical sample that shows the final appearance of the printed piece. It is generally used when a project is more involved, examples include brochures or a books. This ensures that the general construction, pages and margins will appear as intended.

Hard proofs are also favoured for projects that require special review prior to production. This may be due to varying ink shades, unique folds, close registration, finished areas or die cut sections.

Soft Proofs

Unlike a hard proof, a soft proof is an electronic file that can be displayed on a computer monitor. Soft proofs, often PDF files.These are popular because they are more easily distributed. It takes less time to email a soft proof to a client for approval than it would to create a hard proof, therefore making the proofing process more effective and generally faster.

Soft proofs are commonly used for business cards, postcards, flyers and other print projects that are simple to create, without aspects needing special review.

Out of the two, soft proofs are more economical in terms of material and time.

Why You Need to Proof Your Digital Print Services

Just as you would check an email before sending it to your boss, you should proof your digital print services before they are finalised.

A proof not only helps you find and correct layout issues, but it also demonstrates any problems you may have with design elements such as text, images, spacing and colours. Identifying and correcting the issue before the print goes to print saves you time and helps you avoid having to deal with the expense and emotional stress of needing to reprint and fix your print.

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