How to Find the Best Printing Company for Your Business

From creating new business cards to having high-resolution banners made up, finding the right printing company can make or break the quality of your collateral. At A Team Printing, we provide premium commercial printing services in Perth. As established commercial printers, we understand what businesses are looking for.

Whether you’re looking for one-off special occasion printing or ongoing flyer and document printing, here are our top tips on finding the best printing company for your needs.

Find a Reputable and Credible Company

Across all industries, word of mouth is considered to be one of the most trusted and valued referral methods. Sales tactics, marketing strategies, bonuses and offers can’t compare to the honest testimonial and experience of someone you know. When it comes to choosing a printing company for your business, take a look at the printed collateral of other business owners or businesses of family and friends. If their printed collateral impresses you, chat to them about their printing company.

By choosing a company that demonstrates high quality work, extensive experience, a range of versatile services, fast turnaround and advanced printing technology, you can ensure that your printing does justice for your business.

Look for Reliable Customer Service

When you first call a company to enquire about printing services, you’ll get an immediate impression of their professionalism and work ethic. Was your consultant professional, personable and interested in your business? Consider their customer service, attitude, understanding of your needs and their flexibility.

In evaluating the customer service of a business, always check their references and reviews. Online forums like Google, Yelp and Facebook are great for getting honest testimonials from business owners across different industries. Printing companies may even post a response to feedback, allowing you to see how the company responds to criticism and how they rectify issues.

Determine Your Print Quality Requirements

While a company might have rave reviews and outstanding customer service, their printing services need to match your requirements.

Before you approach a printing company, make sure that you’ve defined what your printing requirements are. Are you printing simple nameplates and signage or do you need large images printed with crystal clear resolution? Different printing companies have different strengths, so save some time searching for the ideal printing company by deciding what’s most important to you beforehand.

Do you want to create your business cards with an online design tool and simply email them off for printing? Maybe you need to work with a designer to create unique signage for your windows. Once you know what you’re looking for, narrow your search down to find printing companies that meet your specific needs.

Premium Printing Services in Perth

At A Team Printing, we specialise in providing a wide range of high quality commercial printing services in Perth. Working with small to large businesses, our printing services allow you to convey your brand and message with refinement and professionalism.

For expert advice on commercial printing in Perth, contact us on (08) 9478 3188.