With the revolution of digital printing, the print industry in Perth has been taken by storm, and has evolved the way in which we consume commercial print products.


Over time, we are seeing a few internet-based marketing being replaced by its printed counterparts, and providing renewed marketing avenues for Perth businesses.

Despite the growth of the online arena, print media continues to have its place in the marketing mix. Today, we discuss three print products your business in Perth needs.


#1 Branding identity package


To establish your brand and to leave a mark on your target audience, designing and printing a basic corporate identity package is a must. It  provides a high-level introduction to your company, and allows consumers to immerse into what your brand has to offer. Consider overall layout, the fonts, the color palette, the messaging, and the paper; all of these work together to create your brand image. Having a strong brand package creates a positive and lasting impression on existing customers and your prospective consumers.


#2 Sales and marketing assets


With relentless streaming of ads online, consumers are immensely bombarded with multiple brand messages at any given time. Considering how saturated the online arena is, it comes as no surprise that consumers are beginning to trust print media. A print ad captures a consumer when they least expect it, and you aren’t fighting for their attention. For many, a print ad is a breath of fresh air, and a chance to step away from their digital devices to wholeheartedly consume your brand’s message.

This is why we really drill down on the idea that your print ads should be of high-quality, and should stand out from the crowd.


#3 Internal communication – company handbooks


As your business starts to scale and propel, you will obviously be growing your workforce. Streamlining your internal onboarding is vital to save you time and money down the road. Printing your employee handbook and onboarding assets as an easily digestible introduction pack will greatly help smoothen internal processes, and will definitely take a burden off your HR team’s shoulders. A well-written handbook can foster a stronger, more positive company culture. It should have important policies that are clearly defined, consistent and uniformly implemented.


While you can have a digital version for your employees to have handy, there is something to be said about printing physical copies, as this is more easily available for managers, employees and the HR department to reference when need be.


Are you ready to print your commercial assets with A-Team Printing?


Choosing the right commercial printing company in Perth can make or break your print marketing strategy. Reach out to your commercial printers in Perth today, and be sure to browse our printing products. We want to hear about your business goals, and/or your upcoming project.