At A Team Printing, we’re proud to pioneer green printing in Perth. With a motivated client base of environmentally conscious individuals, we offer green printing services with a minimised impact on the planet. From the weight of our paper to the quality of our ink, we help you reduce your environmental footprint while still delivering high quality printed collateral for private or commercial use.

From printing flyers and brochures to creating reports and documents, do it the eco-friendly way with green printing at A Team Printing.

Green Printing Services in Perth

Whether it’s carbon emissions on the drive to work or disposing of plastic cups with our afternoon coffee, things we do daily have an impact on the planet. The same goes for the paper we use.

As of April 2015, Australian Paper upgraded its paper facility to enable it to de-ink and recycle office paper. By producing recycled copy paper, with the goal of extending into envelope and printing paper, Australian Paper hopes to take over 80,000 tonnes of waste paper out of Australian landfill. Instead of heading to landfill after its original use, used paper becomes recycled paper and can be repurposed and printed on again. Virtually indistinguishable from non-recycled paper, recycled paper allows consumers to enjoy the quality of fresh paper without the extra drain on resources.

Aiming to minimise the amount of waste generated through our services, we’re able to use recycled paper whenever appropriate. You’ll feel better knowing that your paper has been diverted from landfill and given a second life – and that it could possibly happen all over again once you’re through with it!

Creating a Greener Office

Striving for a greener office or workplace has a number of benefits for both the planet and company morale. Here are a few of our favourite tips on how you can encourage a greener and more eco-friendly office.

Print double-sided

Most corporate or office printers will have double-sided printing capabilities, halving the amount of paper required for the same sized document.

Print in black and white

Black and white printing uses significantly less toner compared to colour printing. Set your print options to greyscale or monochrome to minimise the toner used.

Set your printer to eco-friendly mode

Good printers should have an eco-friendly or green mode that will allow you to save power and resources. They may even print in fast or draft mode to reduce the amount of toner used per page.

Minimise printing images

Printing images is a huge drain on ink and toner. Unless it’s absolutely necessary for your document, stick to text.

Recycle your printer cartridges

Did you know that used printer cartridges can be refilled and recycled? Contact your cartridge supplier to see how you can get involved.

A Team Printing: Perth’s Green Printing Professionals

Not just a social trend, sustainability and green principles are the future of our planet. On the rise across all industries, from businesses banning single-use plastic to changes in the way we source our food, eco-friendly alternatives are quickly becoming the norm. Drawing upon sustainable and green printing practices, A Team Printing is proud to offer sustainable printing services throughout Perth.

Find out more about personal and commercial printing the sustainable way. Contact us on 9478 3188.