The advent of email did temporarily make postal services seem redundant. But as more and more communication moved to email, and products became available to order online, the post has become hugely important in getting information and products directly into people’s hands. There is a swing back to physical mailing for many reasons. Let’s look at why direct mailing is suited well for your business marketing strategy.

Get Your Business On the Map

The first and crucial aspect to recognise is that most people’s inbox is already inundated with advertising material, and in some cases this material is automatically filtered out of people’s main inbox. Even emails that have been directly sent and include personal details may be removed from the primary inbox by capable algorithms. So, while you may studiously collect the email addresses and details of clients and potential clients, they still may never see anything that you send. And even if they do see it, it may only be long enough for them to click select and delete.

By comparison, direct mail is tangible and must be physically handled. If a person finds either a letter that is personally addressed to them, or a brochure that has been physically placed in their mailbox, they must apply some level of mental energy to decide what it is and whether it is relevant. This is what direct mail marketing can offer that email marketing cannot.

Play the Long Game

While an email might reach your audience more quickly, studies show that direct mail captures people’s attention for longer. Even in the circumstances where people do open and read a marketing email, a directly mailed letter or pamphlet will stay in people’s minds for longer than an email that is read. But it does go further than that. Studies demonstrate that it’s not only attention. People remember the details and regard directly mailed services to be more desirable than emailed materials.

The reasons behind this are unclear, it may be due to the attention required to open and handle a physical piece of mail, or it may be that the experience of handling a piece of mail physically connects with the information and therefore requires more attention. Either way, people are known to remember direct mail far better than emails.

Supporting Local Business

By providing a physical brochure or pamphlet directly to someone’s mailbox, you are demonstrating that you are a local business that is invested in the community. As globalisation makes big companies even bigger, consumers are more and more concerned with choosing local options. This makes direct mail a very attractive option for demonstrating your presence in the local area, as opposed to a generic brand or service that is available everywhere.

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