Despite the current trend to digitise everything, printed marketing materials are still a great option for businesses, playing an essential role in bringing your ideas to life. From business marketing campaigns to personal creations and offering vast resources you can use for your creations, printing can accommodate demands that range from large-scale to customised runs and from big, attention-grabbing to smaller, versatile screen printing.  

If you understand the different services available, you will choose the option more fitting to you. 

Six Printing Styles Used by Businesses 

Offset Printing 

In offset printing, ink is transferred from a metal plate to a rubber blanket and then pressed onto the desired surface. Offset printing offers high-quality, consistent results with lively colours and sharp details making it ideal for large print runs, like magazines, brochures, and newspapers. 

Digital Printing 

Digital printing has certainly modernised the printing industry with its flexibility and cost-effectiveness, as well as efficiency in getting materials out to clients. This technique does not need metal plates since it transfers digital files onto various materials. It is most suitable for short print runs, personalised materials, business cards, flyers, and anything that can be customised individually. 

Large Format Printing 

Large format printing creates eye-catching oversized prints. It uses advanced inkjet technology to produce high-resolution images on vinyl, fabric, paper, or rigid substrates. You see this printing style used most often in banners, posters, trade show displays, vehicle wraps, wall graphics, and signage. 

Screen Printing 

In screen printing or silk screening, printers press ink through a mesh screen onto a material of your choice. This versatile method is used on fabric, paper, glass, metal, and plastic, and can print on both light and dark surfaces. It is a favourite for custom apparel, promotional items, signage, decals, and art prints. 

Iridesse Printing 

Iridesse printing is a ground-breaking technology that combines metallic and speciality inks to create dazzling prints. It mixes shades such as gold, silver, and bronze, with transparent inks; this way it produces prints that shimmer, shine, and change colour. It also adds depth and dimension to printed materials, making them more impactful and mesmerising. Perfect for when you want eye catching printing.  

3D Printing 

This method is innovative and cutting-edge and attracts a lot of attention. 3D printing uses a digital model to build three-dimensional objects layer by layer which allows you to create complex shapes and customise your designs.  You can use it for prototyping, product development, architecture, healthcare, and even art.  

Benefits of Offset Printing 

Offset uses printing plates which make sharp and detailed images with a vast range of colours, tones, and gradients. It can recreate your artwork with exceptional accuracy by using metallic or fluorescent inks on a variety of surfaces, like paper, cardboard, plastic, and even metal sheets. It is flexible and scalable enough for both small print run and large-scale production. 

In large print runs, offset printing is highly cost-effective. After the initial set-up, it can produce a high quantity of prints without risking quality. It also uses advanced colour management – Pantone Matching System (PMS) and colour calibration tools – for precise colour control.  

Offset printing has also taken giant steps towards a sustainable environment in recent years. It uses eco-friendly, waterless inks on durable materials, and it recycles printing plates to reduce the environmental impact. 

Benefits of Digital Printing 

While digital printing has been around for a while, this multi-functional technique has revolutionised the industry, offering speed and efficiency. It does not use a plate setup which makes it indispensable because the printing process can start immediately. With digital printing, you may not need minimum order quantities because each piece can be printed individually (however, printing bulk amounts can save you money in the long run). This makes it an ideal choice for customised marketing materials, business cards, flyers, and promotional items. 

Digital printing also uses variable data printing (VDP). VDP can personalise each printed piece with unique text, images, or other elements for targeted marketing campaigns, direct mail, event invitations, and any other project where the customer needs to add a more personal touch.  

The advanced colour management systems digital printing uses, offer accurate and consistent colour. Businesses that require dependability rely heavily on this feature. They can produce visuals on demand and, thus, eliminate large inventories making it cost-effective. It also offers the flexibility to change and update designs without additional problems and expenses. This gives businesses, the adaptability they need to remain trendy and up-to-date. 

Digital printing does not need excessive setup materials. You print only what is necessary and reduce paper waste. Eco-friendly inks and energy-efficient equipment make digital printing one of the most sustainable printing methods available. 

Benefits of Large Format Printing 

Large-format printing draws attention, which is no easy feat in a world that is busy with advertising from all angles. This makes it ideal for businesses, organisations, and individuals whose aim is a bold statement and a lasting impression. Its specialisation is oversized prints; the kind that goes well beyond regular sizes. It uses advanced inkjet technology and wide-format printers that create high-resolution images to grab attention and make an impact. Those towering banners, vibrant posters, and catchy trade show displays that are extremely hard to ignore, and they stand out, especially in large, crowded spaces are great examples of large format printing. 

Large-format printing can be used on a variety of materials such as vinyl or fabric, and even rigid substrates like foam boards or acrylic surfaces. In all cases, it can be tailored to suit a range of needs, including: 

  • Banners and Signage: Large format prints are ideal for banners used in outdoor and indoor spaces where promotional, sales and brand awareness events take place. 
  • Posters and Wall Graphics: Large surfaces can become a canvas for large format prints to create anything from promotional posters to decorative wall graphics. 
  • Trade Show Displays: Large format prints are the norm on trade shows. They yield powerful backdrops, pop-up displays, and booth graphics that can increase your influx. 
  • Vehicle Wraps: Is there a better way to shout your message to the world other than by dressing cars, trucks, or buses with billboards? 
  • Retail and Point of Sale (POS) Displays: Retail businesses need to make a statement and attract customers. This is where large format prints come in handy with window displays, floor graphics and product showcases. 
  • Construction and Architectural Signage: You can boost your architectural projects with large informative signs, hoardings, and building wraps. 

Large-format printing technology can guarantee high-quality prints with detail and precise colours. Another important feature is that it allows you to adjust the prints. Whether it is personalised messages or unique designs, it can be customised to fit your needs. This style of printing can be made UV-resistant, weatherproof, and fade-resistant as well. The use of strong materials and high-resolution printing processes makes it perfect for outdoor use. 

Benefits of Iridesse Printing 

Iridisse printing is one of the latest in printing technologies. It is an innovative printing technology that exploits the power of metallic and speciality inks to create visually impactful images. CMYK colours along with silver, gold, clear and white inks produce shimmering, shining, and colour-shifting visuals that change depending on the angle you view it from. Its effect is captivating and iridescent with depth and dimension. 

The main benefits of iridesse printing include:  

Metallic Brilliance: The metallic inks used yield powerful and unforgettable prints. Gold, silver, bronze, and other metallic shades add a touch of luxury and elegance to your design. 

Colour Shifting Magic:  Iridesse printing can hypnotise by mixing metallic with transparent inks and add depth and intrigue to your visuals. 

Spot Clear and White Inks: If you mix metallic shades with spot clear inks you get a glossy, textured effect and with white inks, you can print on dark or transparent surfaces. This combination gives your prints a luxurious quality. 

Iridesse printing is applicable in many industries with outstanding results. Here are some examples: 

a) Packaging and Branding: Iridesse printing raises packaging design to a whole new level. Cosmetics, perfumes, food, and beverage products can be wrapped in lavish, attention-grabbing packaging. 

b) Invitations and Event Collateral: Using iridesse printing for invitations, event programs and promotional materials is like touching them with a magic wand.  

c) Marketing and Advertising: If you want to rule the game in marketing and advertising campaigns use iridesse printing. The metallic effects, the shifting colours and the alluring prints can help you make your brochures, flyers, posters, and signage brilliant. Look at it from a different angle or let daylight reflect on it. Play with it. 

d) Artistic and Creative Projects: Artists can indulge themselves in the limitless potential of iridesse printing to bring their visions to life. It can make your prints, photographs, and illustrations stand out from the lot. 

Even though iridesse printing is a revolutionary technology, it is still a sustainable printing method, using eco-friendly practices and inks, and advanced technologies to reduce waste, and save energy. 

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