Are you under the impression that direct mail and printed marketing is a thing of the past? We’re here to prove you wrong. Whatever your business, from accounting to dog walking, you’re missing out on a powerful marketing tool if you’re dismissing direct mail.

At A Team Printing in Perth, we provide an extensive range of professional and sleek direct mail and marketing printing services designed to help you put your best foot forward. Don’t miss out on the impressive value direct mail can add to your marketing strategies and business success.

Find out how you can use direct mail to your advantage.

No Opting In and No Spam Filters

While there’s no denying that email has revolutionised business practices, inboxes are more saturated with marketing and promotional content than ever before. With many businesses receiving in excess of 100 emails per day, it can be tricky to know if your content is reaching your audience effectively.

As a consequence of email, businesses are receiving a lowered amount of physical mail. This gives your marketing a chance to stand out. By avoiding subscriptions and spam filters, you’re able to have your direct mail reach your recipient. With your direct mail in their hands, they’re more likely to engage with your content and reach out.

While email and text marketing requires customer subscriptions, direct mail doesn’t. What’s more – direct mail will never be plagued by pesky viruses!

Undeniable Staying Power

Unlike emails, which can simply just disappear, direct mail sticks around. When customers receive physical mail, it’s likely to be placed on a table or desk whether or not they read it right away. By just physically existing in a space, your direct mail becomes an advertisement for your business.

Even if your intended recipient has moved house or business, another person will receive your content and may even choose to engage with your business. You’ll be introducing yourself to new customers without even knowing it!

Working in Cohesion with Email Marketing

Direct mail works best in cohesion with email marketing as part of a wider marketing strategy. With an overwhelming load of emails on a regular basis, business owners often resort to simply deleting or never opening promotional content. By using both direct and email marketing, your business name becomes memorable and more familiar.

Some clever ways of enhancing your direct mail is including QR codes – scannable by mobile phones – and print-exclusive offers that give your audience incentive to take further action and engage with your business.

Create Custom Direct Mail Material with Printing Services in Perth

While email marketing has an undeniable place in modern marketing strategies, direct mail remains untouchable. By incorporating both methods of marketing into your business plan, you’re able to reach more customers and enhance engagement across all channels.

At A Team Printing, we offer an impressive range of printing services in Perth to help your direct mail stand out. From complete kits and mail packages to one-page flyers and handouts, our printing services differentiate your business.

Learn more about Perth’s trusted printing company and get started on creating your direct mail material. Call us today on 9478 3188.