As the world keeps heading towards digitisation and automation, many people are quick to assume that this is to the detriment of print. While there’s no denying the power of digital, it’s naive to assume that both can’t coexist with their own unique benefits.

At A Team Printing in Perth, our professionals provide a number of high quality digital print services for businesses across industries. Used as a tool in part of a wider marketing strategy, effectively drawing upon the power of print leads to stronger engagement and sales.

Find out more about the distinctions between digital and print and how you can make the most out of both.

The Difference Between Print and Digital

Print and digital are two distinct mediums that require a different approach when it comes to marketing. While the digital world is constantly moving and evolving – with information fleeting by – print boasts a degree of permanence that can’t always be matched. Digital marketing material can simply be closed on a smartphone or computer screen, but print media exists until someone makes a conscious choice to physically remove it.

Why People Respond to Print

Print media and marketing collateral gives audiences a more realistic and tangible experience. The Internet and social media platforms are saturated with content, making it difficult to keep the focus of your audience. With print, your audience is completely engaged with your message.

If you’ve got a message that you really want to stick, combine print and digital for the most effective and engaging experience.

The Power of Print

Printed marketing material and documents boast a distinct advantage over images on smartphones and computer screens. Making an immediate impression, clever use of digital printing strategies grab the attention of customers. Smart formatting and content creation, plus the inclusion of modern additions like QR codes and links, make your printed content relevant and powerful.

If you’re targeting a specific audience, print is your best bet. While you’re able to narrow down target audiences through online marketing strategies, many consumers turn to speciality printed publications for reliable and trustworthy advice on products relevant to them.

Custom Digital Printing Techniques

Digital printing services provide an impressive array of creative and innovative printing solutions. At A Team Printing, we leverage some of the industry’s best technology, including variable data technology, to bring you commercial and corporate digital printing services.

Whether in sleek black and white or eye-popping colour and photographic realism, we create a selection of marketing materials – business cards, folders, calendars, brochures, magnets and more – with precision.

Innovative Digital Print Services in Perth

At A Team Printing in Perth, we specialise in providing a range of high quality digital printing services for clients across industries. Grab the attention of your target audience and harness the power of print with expert advice from our team.

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