While many might turn a blind eye to the packaging, sellers with comprehensive market strategies are well aware of the optimistic impact on the buyer’s behaviour towards products with custom packaging. Because let’s be honest, who would want to invest in something with a bland look? No one, right?

Some might believe that “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” but unfortunately, your target audience thinks otherwise. So, in this article, we discuss 5 ways to out-shine the rest in this competitive market, with custom packaging. 


#1 It enhances confidence and perceived value in eyes of the consumer 

Like purchasing a bespoke piece of clothing, tailor-made packaging stimulates trust with your consumer due to the personalised touch, which consequently increases the value of the bought product. On top of that,  high-quality custom-printed packaged items is the primary reason a consumer would make the choice of purchasing a gift item.


#2 Create that impressive first impression

With several similar products available, catching the eye of the buyer is demanding. People skimming through store shelves would never bat an eye on dull packaging. In such situations, custom packaging can impress buyers at first glance. Digital printing Perth has gained much attention in Australia in making a long-lasting impression amongst consumers. So, be savvy, grab the attention of your consumer through custom designed packaging, and get the orders rolling!


#3 Adds brand depth and it can carry through a bigger overall message 

What is your brand story? Why do you exist? What is your why? All of this is woven together as part of a bigger message that is emulated through your business. Consumer’s look for that connection that weaves them into a bigger narrative. As one of Perth’s preferred commercial printing companies, we can help you get started with packaging designs that convey you brand’s overall ‘big picture’ message. 


#4 This is your chance for your company to showcase eco-friendly packaging and ethos 

People are becoming more aware of leading a sustainable, eco-friendly life. By shifting from traditional packaging to reusable eco-friendly packaging like paper, you can persuade the buyers to join hands for the greater good. Printing companies, like A-Team Printing Perth, can help you with this.


#5 Encourage brand recognition and unwavering buyer loyalty

Custom packaging can be vital in building brand recognition and keeping buyers loyal. Think about Tiffany and Co., the gorgeous turquoise blue packaging is more recognised than the products themselves. Packaging helps businesses build a name. It pays its weight in gold to have custom printed packaging that builds a rapport between seller and buyer, making the buyer loyal to the brand.


Custom printed packaging is essential to increase sales as it influences buyers’ perceptions of a particular product. Let A-Team Printing help you choose the right colour, design, size, and aesthetic to align your business with your packaging. This is a sure-fire way to win the hearts of your ideal consumer! So are you ready to create your custom packaging in Perth? As a digital printing Perth company, A-Team Printing takes pride in looking after all your commercial printing needs in Perth. Chat to our team of printing Perth experts. We can print and design your custom package that actually captures your audience.