Branded stationery may seem like an indulgence for a new small business. Standard plain paper is cheap and readily available, so why spend money to individualise something like paper or envelopes or notepads. But personalized or branded stationery is a vital aspect of putting your business and services on the map. Let’s look at the reasons why A Team Printing recommends branded stationery to our customers in Perth, and why we offer personalized design services to create the best bang for your buck.


If you take a meeting with a prospective client or customer, you’re likely to write notes, an invoice, advice, or even the time and date of the next meeting. Branded cards or notepads mean you can place your name and your company directly into that potential customer’s hands…. Literally. You don’t need to write your name and number, and you don’t have to hand them a blank page. People quickly forget where and what each little piece of paper represents. So a personalized card or notepad means you can ensure that person will know your name and how to find you if they want to use your services.

Name recognition

Branded stationery, calendars, notepads and cards are a great way to get your name and business into people’s consciousness. This is especially important for new small businesses with little budget for marketing and advertising. You can leave cards in all kinds of places for people to learn about your business. Cafes often allow you to leave cards, community pin boards, other local businesses and shops. Branded envelopes mean every time you send a letter, you can put your business on the map. You’ll have to send letters anyway, so you might as well get something extra for the price of that stamp!


Appearances do matter. Psychological studies show that people do respond to the appearance of professionalism and integrity. Basically, people will be more likely to trust you if you appear trustworthy. So it pays to go to the effort of presenting yourself as genuine and professional. This means wearing appropriate clothing, speaking respectfully, running to time and having the hallmarks of a functioning business, like a studio, office or shop, a website, and branded stationery. This will make prospective clients take you seriously as a service provider, and get your foot in the door to places you otherwise could not go.

Branded stationery is an absolutely vital aspect of a modern business, especially businesses that provide professional services. You need to be able to present an image of yourself and your business that shows your competence, expertise and enthusiasm for your work, and puts your name at the head of the pack when your prospective clients consider your skills. A Team Printing can provide you with the design and printing capabilities to make your business a frontrunner. Call or visit us now to get started on the branded stationery you’ll need to make you stand out from the Perth crowd!