It goes without saying that safety is cornerstone to all businesses and worksites in Perth.

In fact, we discuss OHS printing in our recent article, which you can read here.

From safety manuals, safety permits,  safety books, safety warning labels, signs and employee handbooks; items of safety being printed can make all the difference to your business’ operations. 

Today, we are exploring the value of printed safety materials in the workplace, and why you should consider a print company in Perth to streamline your safety procedures.


Why do you need safety manuals printed?


A safety manual is an important commercial environment tool that contains a collection of policies and procedures on how to safely use a high functioning work device or exercise safe conduct in a worksite or office workplace. This is arguably the most important item in your Perth business. Having them printed ensures that you can have as part of your onboarding process for your team members to read it, and have a copy handy at all times. The safety of your business could depend on it!


Why do you need safety permits printed? 


Safety permits were initially created to plan and control work within a worksite. This is to ensure the highest standard of protection for people and assets. Permits define areas that are considered potentially hazardous so that contractors, supervisors and staff are all aware of the risks.


Why should safety warning labels be printed?


It is important to have labels that are clear, accurate and easily accessible by all staff.  This is so that staff, contractors and supervisors alike can easily observe safety requirements, and can also preempt any foreseeable danger in an area. 


Why do you need employee handbooks printed?

Every company needs a handbook for their employees. This book outlines your company policies as well as behaviour and performance expectations in the workplace.Although it is not a legal requirement for Perth businesses to have one, we recommend that you do have one. It is a great way to introduce new employees to your organisation, and update existing staff with any new policy or procedure. Having it printed and available at the disposal of your staff will allow staff to always have access to the latest in safety conduct. 


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Choosing the right commercial printing company in Perth can make or break your print safety strategy. Reach out to your commercial printers in Perth today, and be sure to browse our printing products. We want to hear about your business goals, and/or your upcoming project.