Printing has come a long way in recent years.

There once was a time when printing on standard white paper was your only option. However,  these days, countless options are at your fingertips for your printing in Perth.

Today, we are going through a beginner’s introduction to specialty paper, and how to choose the right paper for your future printing needs.


Grammage or GSM


This is the term used to describe the weight of paper. The higher the grammage, the thicker the paper (generally speaking). A normal sheet of paper is 80-GSM. Whereas if you wanted to print a special invitation, you would maybe consider around 350-GSM.


Uncoated Paper


Have you ever seen porous, grainy paper that is clearly more absorbent than your usual paper? Then you are likely looking at uncoated paper. To paint a picture, this type of paper will have the texture of a notebook or a sketchbook. If you are wanting to have a print finish that is more natural, and raw, then uncoated paper could be your answer. You also have a plethora of options with this paper. But please note, the ink may appear duller on uncoated paper due to the fibres within the paper.


Coated Paper


Are you wanting a printing finish that is more glossy, matte or silky? Then coated paper is the option for you. With coated paper, a wax-like coating is added during the manufacturing process, making it appear a lot more bright. As a result, inks pop more on this paper. Coated paper is often the option chosen for magazine covers, stickers and even some brochures.


What is the difference between card paper and text paper?


You will hear the term ‘card stock’ or card paper used in the printing world. This generally means heavy paper for things like invitations, cards and packaging. Text paper is a light, flexible paper on the other hand.


What is the difference between metallic card paper and glitter paper?


So, you’ve decided you want your printing finish to be shiny. Did you know there is an option of metallic OR glitter paper? No, they are not the same. Metallic paper has a slight sheen and a subtle sparkle due to a mica-infused coating. Whereas glitter paper has a very prominent sparkle as the whole sheet is covered in glitter.


“Is the paper colour on the screen the same as what I will see in person?”


It is important to set expectations.

Although we try our best to depict the exact colour, every computer monitor has a different colour calibration and resolution. Therefore, what you see may not be precisely the same colour on another monitor, or for another person’s eyes. This is why our customers opt to order samples prior to committing to a large print run. This way, you can make adjustments where necessary to the colour.


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