While Christmas is peeking at us from around the corner, it’s not too late to order your last-minute Christmas printing for your business or personal use.  

Whether you are after branded Christmas cards, cards to support charities, banners, or 2024 calendars, our team can help you get these out the door before Christmas lands.  

Corporate Print Solutions at Christmas  

Many businesses utilise corporate print solutions during the Christmas season. This often involves using print materials and services for communication, marketing, and gifting purposes.  

Here are just some of the things we can help you with at A Team Printing for Christmas.  

Branded Christmas Cards 

Companies often send out branded Christmas cards to clients, customers, and partners. These cards can be customised with the company logo, colours, and a personalised message. By utilising high-quality printing, you can enhance the professional image of the company. 

Promotional Materials 

Christmas is a great time for promotional activities. Companies may utilise print solutions to create promotional materials such as flyers, brochures, and banners for special holiday offers, promotions, or events. If you own a restaurant and cafe and have special menus for the holiday season, having new menus printed professionally can help your business stand out.  

Holiday Newsletters and Reports 

Many businesses send out holiday newsletters or year-end reports to clients, investors, and stakeholders. Printing services can be used to produce high-quality, visually appealing documents that summarise the company’s achievements and plans for the coming year. 

Event Invitations and Posters

If you’re planning on hosting a Christmas or New Years event or party, quality print solutions can be employed for designing and producing invitations, posters, and other promotional materials to create awareness and generate excitement. These are perfect for advertising last minute sales or even community events.  

Festive Packaging

Have you ever considered using festive packaging for your products? For businesses involved in product sales, using festive and branded packaging during the Christmas season can enhance the overall customer experience. This includes labels, stickers, and custom packaging that reflect the holiday theme. 

Many businesses use this packaging into January with a holiday and summer theme rather than just Christmas, which helps their brand stand out.  

Gift Vouchers 

Have you been considering offering gift vouchers for customers to use in the new year? You may not have missed the boat. If you need last minute gift certificates or you’ve run out and need more printed, now is the time to get them done, giving you time to get them sold for Christmas.  

Retail Displays and Signage 

Retail businesses often use print solutions for creating eye-catching Christmas-themed displays and signage. This can help attract customers and promote special holiday offers. While you may already have your displays and signage printed, if you have last minute offers, new products arriving, or are wanting something new for Boxing Day sales, engaging the services of a professional printing team in Perth means that you can have your signage ready to go when needed.  

Thank You Cards and Appreciation Notes 

Christmas is a time for expressing gratitude. We recommend using professional print services to create thank you cards or appreciation notes for employees, clients and partners, and then handwriting a unique thank you for each person receiving a card or note. These are perfect to add to gifts at the end of the year, or simply to let your staff know you appreciate their hard work throughout the year. 

Desk Calendars and Planners 

There is no shortage of businesses using branded calendars and planners – so why aren’t you? These products are perfect for both business and retail clients, and serve as a constant reminder of your business and services or products throughout the year. Consider how your clients and customers may use these products, and order various styles – magnetic fridge calendars are great for retail clients who can pop them up on the fridge, while your business clients may prefer a desk calendar they can refer to throughout the day.  

Gift Tags and Labels 

When sending out gifts to clients or employees, custom gift tags and labels can add a personalised touch. These can be printed with the company logo and a holiday message. 

When considering corporate Christmas print solutions, planning in advance is always best, however we understand that this time of year means people are busy, and things like print marketing get put to one side for when you have a few minutes to spare.  

Working with a reputable printing service can help maintain quality and professionalism in the printed materials, while getting those last-minute print jobs done quickly.  

Why Branded Print Products Make Good Corporate Christmas Gifts 

It is not unusual for businesses to consider whether personalised or branded print products are worth printing at this time of the year. Branded products have long been used at Christmas and there are plenty of good reasons why.  

Brand Visibility 

Branded print products serve as constant reminders of the company. Whether it’s a mug, calendar, or notebook, the company logo and branding elements are prominently displayed, reinforcing brand visibility each time the recipient uses the item. 

What does this mean? When a client needs your services, if your product is in their line of sight, they are more likely to call you.  

Professionalism and Credibility 

Offering branded items as gifts reflects professionalism and attention to detail. It demonstrates that your company values its image and is willing to invest in quality gifts, which can positively impact how the business is perceived. 


Branded gifts are more likely to be remembered. The association of the gift with the company’s logo and name creates a lasting impression, helping the company stand out in the recipient’s memory. 

Promotional Opportunities 

Branded print products essentially serve as promotional tools. When recipients use or display these items, they inadvertently promote the company to those around them, extending the reach of the brand.

Customer Loyalty 

Gifting branded products can contribute to customer loyalty. The act of giving personalised and branded items fosters a sense of connection and appreciation, potentially strengthening the relationship between the company and its clients or customers.

Employee Morale 

Branded gifts for employees can boost morale. Employees may feel a sense of pride and belonging when using items that bear the company’s logo, contributing to a positive and cohesive company culture. 

Tailored to the Recipient 

Branded print products can be chosen to align with the recipient’s preferences or the nature of the business relationship. This customisation adds a personal touch, making the gift more meaningful and thoughtful. 

Variety of Options 

There’s a wide range of branded print products to choose from, allowing companies to select items that suit their budget, the preferences of the recipients, and the image the company wants to portray. Some of the more common items include calendars, notepads and pens.   

Consistency Across Touchpoints 

When a company maintains consistency in its branding across various touchpoints, including corporate gifts, it reinforces a unified and cohesive brand image. This consistency can contribute to brand recognition and trust. For new brands in the market, print products can add to your touchpoints, giving more opportunity for new customers and clients to see you.  

Cost-Effective Marketing 

Branded print products are a cost-effective marketing strategy. While there is an initial cost (as with any marketing you do) that initial investment in creating and distributing these products can lead to long-term brand exposure, making them a valuable and efficient marketing tool.  

Customisation and Creativity 

Branded print products allow for creative and customised designs. This flexibility enables companies to create unique and eye-catching items that align with the holiday theme or convey a specific message.  

Positive Association 

Giving quality branded gifts during the festive season creates a positive association between the company and the joyous occasion. Recipients may connect the positive experience of receiving a thoughtful gift with the brand itself. 

If you have never considered branded print products at Christmas before, now may be a great time to do it on a small scale before going larger in 2024. Branded print solutions are great for Christmas, offering a combination of brand visibility, professionalism, and promotional opportunities.  

Print Solutions for Home  

Are you looking for some unique Christmas wrapping paper? What about some Merry Christmas banners to go along with your Christmas lights and decorations? Or personalised Christmas cards? At A Team Printing we can help bring your Christmas to life with our digital printing, iridesse printing and graphic design. Our experienced team has the know-how on producing high quality print products that you can use to brighten up your Christmas cheer.  

Perth Print Solutions in Time for Christmas 

If you run a business based in Perth or live in the Perth area and are looking for some unique Christmas prints, reach out to our friendly team. Our graphic designers are on hand to give you some ideas or design your next brochure or banner, while our print team is ready to get your products printed, and delivered, before Christmas.