If you’ve been looking at printing options for your business lately, you may have come across iridesse printing, or printing with metallics.   

Iridesse printing is a specialised printing technique that creates a unique and eye-catching visual effect by utilising a combination of metallic and colour inks. Because this technique is often used in digital printing, it can be a great way to help your business stand out, with designs that use a spectrum of colours and metallic hues that shift and change as the angle of view or lighting conditions change.  

The Fuji Xerox Iridesse Printer that we use at A Team Printing is designed to produce rich, high-quality expressions that include highly reflective metallic colours. These printers use a process that allows multiple layers of toner to be applied in a single pass, which then mimics the iridescent colours often seen in nature.  

What Are the Key Features of Iridesse Printing?  

Iridesse printing has some interesting key features, with one of the most interesting being the use of multiple speciality inks. This type of printing often involves the use of a combination of metallic inks, white inks and standard CMYK inks. This combination allows for the creation of a wide range of colours, textures, and metallic effects.  

We touched on the ability to print multiple layers of toner in a single pass, but what we didn’t mention is that this ability allows for the printing of complex designs while providing depth and dimension that you wouldn’t get from traditional digital printing.  

Iridesse printing is well-suited for the production of marketing materials, packaging, invitations and other printed materials where a high level of visual impact is desirable. It is however important to note that because this is a more specialised and advanced printing technique compared to standard printing, it is essential to work with experienced print providers who specialise in this area to ensure you achieve the desired effect, providing you with high-quality results for your printed materials.  

Make Your Print Materials Shine  

Utilising metallic effects in your printing can add a touch of elegance and sophistication, as well as be a great way to catch the eye. Here are our tips on how to make your printing shine with metallics.  

Choose the Right Design  

Intricate patterns, logos, typography, and elements that require attention and focus are the best candidates for metallic effects. It is essential to keep in mind that metallic printing may not work well for all designs, so working with a professional printing team is important.  

Choose the Right Paper  

Something many don’t consider is selecting the right paper to complement the metallic effect. Paper with a smooth finish tends to work best for metallic printing as it allows the metallic ink to shine and reflect light effectively.  

Consider Your Colour Palette

When using iridesse printing, you may need to adjust your colours and contrast as metallic inks can alter the colours slightly. You should adjust your colour palette and contrast to ensure the metallic ink doesn’t distort the overall look.  

Consult with a Professional Printing Team 

For the best results, you should work with a professional printer and graphic designer to ensure that the artwork is correctly prepared for printing. This includes making sure that the metallic elements are correctly defined in the design files, and that your design will print accurately. Of course, as with any new print materials, you should order a proof to check how the metallic effects appear on paper. This allows you to make any necessary adjustments to your colour palette and contrast before you do a larger print run.  

Consider the Finishing Options  

Consider any additional finishing touches that will help to enhance the metallic effect such as embossing or debossing. These techniques add texture and depth and can help them stand out even more.  

Iridesse printing can be more complex and costly than standard digital printing, but there’s no doubt that the results can be well worth the investment if your project or marketing calls for it.  

What Type of Marketing Material Should I Use Iridesse Printing On? 

Turning to business printing, iridesse printing can add an amazing visual impact to various marketing materials, making them stand out and capture the attention of your target audience.  

At A Team Printing, we’ve found that there are some marketing materials that are well-suited to this printing technique, and worth the additional funds to your printing budget.  

Business Cards: Iridesse printing on business cards can create a lasting first impression. The shifting colours and metallic effects can make your contact information and logo truly memorable. 

Brochures and Flyers: Iridescent effects on brochures and flyers can make your promotional materials more engaging and visually appealing. They work particularly well for showcasing products, events, or special offers. 

Invitations: For weddings, corporate events, galas, and other special occasions, iridesse printing can add an extra layer of elegance to invitations. The shifting colours can create an intriguing and magical feel. 

Labels: Iridesse printing on product labels can make your products stand out on store shelves. The unique metallic effects can enhance the perceived value of your products and attract attention. 

Posters: Posters with iridescent effects can be attention-grabbing at events, trade shows, and conferences. The shifting colours can draw people in and make your message more memorable. Our machinery allows for posters up to 900mm x 330mm. 

Catalogues and Lookbooks: Iridesse printing can be used to highlight specific products or collections in catalogues and lookbooks. The unique effects can make your offerings more appealing and encourage browsing, and they can certainly catch the eye for those flipping through your catalogues and lookbooks. 

Event Programs: If you’re hosting an event, using iridesse printing for the event program can create a sense of luxury and exclusivity for attendees, making them perfect for those high end or VIP events. 

Greeting Cards: Greeting cards with iridescent effects can add a touch of magic to birthdays, holidays, and other occasions. The shifting colours can create a sense of excitement and wonder. 

Promotional Materials: Any promotional materials you use, such as posters, banners, and displays, can benefit from iridesse printing. The effects can help your brand and message stand out in crowded marketing environments. 

Art Prints: If you’re an artist or photographer, using iridesse printing for art prints can make your creations even more captivating. The shifting colours can add depth and dimension to your work. 

Remember that iridesse printing is best used when it complements the overall design and purpose of the marketing material. It’s important to balance the iridescent effects with the content and messaging to ensure that the material effectively communicates your intended message while also captivating your audience with its visual appeal. 

What Can Iridesse Printing Do for Your Business? 

Iridesse printing can add a new dimension to your business’s marketing materials, promotional items, and other printed materials. There are plenty of potential benefits of incorporating iridesse printing into your business. 

Distinctive Visual Appeal 

Iridesse printing can create shimmering and iridescent effects that catch the eye and stand out from traditional printing methods. This can help your printed materials grab attention and leave a lasting impression on your target audience. 

Enhanced Branding 

If your business values creativity and innovation, iridesse printing can help communicate that message through your printed materials. The unique effects can reinforce your brand identity and make your marketing collateral more memorable. 


Iridesse printing allows for customisation and personalisation of printed materials. You can experiment with various colours, patterns, and designs to create one-of-a-kind pieces that resonate with your audience. 

Luxury and Elegance  

The metallic and iridescent effects of this printing technique can evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses in industries like fashion, cosmetics, high-end products, and luxury services. 


Iridesse printing can be applied to a wide range of materials, including business cards, brochures, packaging, labels, invitations, and more. This versatility enables you to use this technique across various touchpoints with your customers. 

Increased Engagement  

The visually captivating nature of iridesse-printed materials can encourage recipients to spend more time engaging with your content. This can lead to higher retention rates and a greater likelihood of the message being remembered. 


In competitive markets, standing out from the crowd is crucial. Iridesse printing can help differentiate your business from competitors by offering a unique visual experience that sets you apart. 


Iridesse printing can be used to enhance the storytelling aspect of your printed materials. By using different shades and effects, you can convey specific moods, emotions, or themes that align with your brand narrative. 

Event Promotion  

If you’re hosting special events or launches, iridesse printing can create anticipation and excitement among attendees. Invitations, event programs, and promotional materials with iridescent effects can build anticipation and add a touch of exclusivity. 


People tend to remember visually striking and unique experiences. Iridesse printing can make your materials more memorable, which can be especially valuable in increasing customer retention and referrals. 

Before integrating iridesse printing into your business, consider factors like cost, production time, and the alignment of this technique with your brand image. It’s also a good idea to work with a professional printer experienced in iridesse printing to ensure the best results for your specific needs. 

Ready to use metallics in your printing? Contact A Team Printing and let’s get started.