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The Cheap Invitation Cards Riddle

Can Cheap Wedding Invitations Be Unique Too?

You bet they can! If you have street smarts, you can have your (wedding) cake and eat it too.

Invitation design can be innovative, fun, colourful, themed, formal, classy, and/or sophisticated. A Team Printing specialises in creating beautiful, affordable invitations to suit the spirit of the occasion and your own personal style.

You want great wedding invitations, but you don’t want to have to sell your jewellery on eBay to afford it. Unfortunately, some cheap wedding invitations can look like they came from some backyard garage sale.

This guide will help you learn how you can have cheap wedding invitations that look far more expensive than they really cost. Here’s 5 great tips on how to arrange printable invites to get an awesome look, for loose change really:

Your Five Amazing Cheap Wedding Invitations Tips


1. Paper

Stationery for cheap wedding invitations is easy to get. Online invitation specialists such as A Team Printing offer paper at prices that won’t leave your head spinning. Printable wedding invites can be effected upon essentially paper of any weight, style, or texture to suit your wedding theme.

2. Design

Cheap wedding invitations can be as simple as printing the who, what, when, and where on a piece of card-stock. Another way to create checkbook-friendly printable invitations is to add a photo or image to your invite. If you’re not sure how to do it, simply ask you friendly A Team print representative for awesome tips and tricks. With a little effort together, you can easily create invites that look like they could stop traffic. Otherwise, for that unmatched professional touch ask your A Team assistant about their graphic design service.

3. Layers

Another way to create wedding invites that only look expensive is by adding layers to your printable invitations. One layer has your text printed upon a lightweight paper. This is then attached onto a slightly larger and heavier piece of paper in a coordinating colour. The result is a framed and layered look that looks far, far more costly than it really is.

4. Embellishments

It’s easy to add bling to your cheap wedding invitations with charms and gems. Whether it’s a palm-tree charm for your beach ceremony or red and green gems for your Christmas wedding, it’s easy to find the perfect embellishment. These items are attached with special glues, meaning even the most craft-phobic bride can avail herself of unique printable invites. You can also find great deals and dizzying selections through our invitation specialists.

5. Thrift

Remember also to set a budget before you commit to the design process. It’s easy to get carried away while you’re designing an elaborate invite full of adorable charms and gems. Keep your cheap wedding invites cheap by setting–and sticking–to a money plan. With a little planning, it’s easier than ever to make cheap invitations look like they point to a celebrity event for the rich and famous.