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There are many ways to protect your business. First, insurance protects business owners against the financial consequences of natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, and floods. All these safety precautions and measures won’t make a difference if the people are not protected. You can take a proactive step to ensure the safety of your clients, customers, and employees by using safety products that are produced by Perth Digital Printing experts, A Team Printing. 


As Perth printing experts, we specialise in keeping employees safe at work by providing high quality press printing in Perth for HSE printed resources, worksite safety signs, and print safety equipment. 



What safety products are you looking for? 


It is important to be familiar with safety precautions that are necessary to protect your business and those around you. These Perth printing safety products must be in every store, restaurant, small office, and commercial establishment. 


  • Signs for emergency exit 
  • Wet floor signs 
  • Site signage or perimeter signage 
  • Schematic diagrams and plans 
  • Reflective stickers 
  • Safety tags 
  • Safety books 
  • Safety handbooks and other PVC notebooks


Safety signs are essential for both mine and work sites.


Signs are used to inform people about potential dangers, important instructions, and other information. Safety signage must also comply with Australian standards. You’ll need to choose a Perth Digital Printing company that has industry experience and knowledge, with signs being made locally that can withstand harsh Australian environmental conditions. A Team Printing will ensure that you have the correct signs for your job site. 


Safety Signs Available: 

  • Danger 
  • Mandatory 
  • Prohibition 
  • Warning 
  • Caution 
  • Fire safety 
  • Hazchem 
  • Emergencies 
  • First aid 
  • Parking and traffic signs 
  • Boards for projects and OHS boards 
  • Blasting 


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Emergency exit signs


These are some of the most common safety products one can find in business establishments. They come in handy when a fire gets out of hand quickly or in the aftermath of a natural disaster. 


Whenever there is a need to evacuate a building, these emergency exit signs should be able to inform people inside the structure of the nearest emergency exits. The signs also contain general evacuation procedures and detailed instructions, including how to open doors, how to break open the fire cabinet and other life-saving information. 


Having a clearly marked exit route could lessen panic and chaos amongst your staff and customers as they evacuate the building. If you invest in Perth’s highest quality press printing emergency exit signs, you could possibly be saving countless lives. 


Site signage and perimeter signage


Different signs are needed for different types of work sites, including construction. Signs for construction sites should clearly indicate the appropriate attire, including footwear and headgear. These signs are often equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE). 


Warning signs and danger signs are also included in this safety category. You can make these signs using vinyl, aluminium panels, corrugated polypropylene, and other materials to withstand harsh environments and extreme weather conditions. As experienced Perth printers, we also customise warning messages to suit your business. 


Schematic diagrams and plans


Plan for evacuation and navigation should be a key feature of a good workplace. Site and floor plans as well as schematic diagrams help to pinpoint a location. These are very useful, especially when there is an immediate danger or electrical problem. 


A Team Printing can create floor plans, site plans, and schematic drawings in various sizes. They are available in full colour and black and white print. These drawings are often made of plastic and other tough materials, and can also be laminated for added protection. 



Health & Safety Printed Collateral 


As expert Perth printers, our team strive to improve work conditions through high-quality HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality) printing. 


Our safety range is based on the unique knowledge of our experts in printing. All HSEQ printed collateral, from Take 5 booklets to training guides, is included. Communication is essential in any workplace and you want it to be perfect every time. We can help with writing effective communications by ensuring that they are printed at a high standard and understood. 


Safety Print Range: 

  • Safety and locking out tags 
  • Take 5 booklets 
  • Safety publications and safety reports 
  • Manuals for training 
  • Logs and NCR forms 
  • Information cards for the pocket 


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Safety tags


There is never a good time for accidents. To prevent these accidents from happening, use safety tags to identify potentially dangerous or hazardous situations. These situations may be unexpected, unusual, or difficult to spot. Safety tags include a signal word or major message such as danger, biohazards, biological hazards, symbols, and so on. You can use them until the hazardous operation has been completed or the identified threat is eliminated. 


These safety products are available in a variety of colours and materials. They can also be customized to your needs. These safety products are strong, waterproof, and tear resistant. 


Safety books


Safety books will ensure that you don’t miss any step of your operation. Your pre-start checklist books and status report books can be customised. Subcontractors can also benefit by this, as they can provide detailed checklists and prework statements to subcontractors. 


Safety handbooks and other PVC notebooks


Safety handbooks ensure safe operation of machinery and tools as well as the proper handling of chemicals. These handbooks contain specific information about a workplace, including policies, instructions, and procedures. 


You can choose from Take 5 or hazard report books, Stop. Look. Assess. Manage books, BeSafe books and other PVC notebooks. These notebooks are strong and can be customised with panels, pockets and leaves to meet your needs. 



Safety Equipment


We also offer a complete range of safety equipment enhancement to help you on your worksites and mine sites. 


Whether you need traffic management devices such as speed humps or pyramid cones to display your danger messages, you can trust A Team Printing to source only high-quality materials to enhance your safety equipment. 


Safety Equipment Enhancements: 

  • Barrier Signage 
  • Bollard Wrapping 
  • Cone Stickers 
  • Lamp and lighting signs 
  • Reflective tapes 

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Reflective stickers


Low visibility areas require special tools to ensure safety for employees. Reflective stickers are great for these areas. They can make sure that warning signs and other hazards can be clearly seen even in low light. These stickers can be used on vehicles to increase visibility. 


You can make reflective stickers in many sizes and with full-colour graphics. These stickers are creative and inexpensive ways to promote your brand or other custom needs. 



A Team Printing is a safety product provider that has over three decades of experience.


You should only choose an experienced supplier when it comes to safety products. We have the experience and knowledge to help you customise emergency warning signs, safety handbooks and reflective stickers. 


We can also supply promotional marketing materials like flyers, brochures, corporate stationery, and pull-up banners. Our in-house graphic designers can help you with branding and our team is well-known for creating striking designs that clients across different industries love. 


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