Direct mail is one of the oldest strategies in the marketing mix. 

You might be aware of why direct mail marketing still holds its weight in gold, however are you aware of what some of the tactics might be to help you create the best direct mail campaigns?  

Don’t worry; we have gathered 4 of our best secrets to help you achieve direct mail success.


#1 Choose the right size for your direct marketing 


Knowing the types of direct mail that will best serve your needs is key to a successful direct marketing campaign. You may have plenty of ideas, but do you know which one will put your brand in the best position for success? The answer is, it depends on your budget and needs. Frequently used sizes are postcards, letters, and flats. So, most used each to determine what will work best.


#2 Timing is everything 


Your direct mail campaign might be the bee’s knees, but you won’t achieve top tier results if you send them out at random times. Even the arrival time of your campaigns can make a worldly difference. There are varying opinions on direct mail timing, but delivery on three days stands above the others: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as a rule of thumb. A mid-week option will give you the best chance to get your direct mail into the hands of your target audience.

#3 Consider what colours appeal to your target audience


 Did you know? Proper colour choices lead to direct mail success stories. When designing your direct mail campaigns, be sure to know what colours appeal to your audience. Consumers take approximately 90 seconds to form an opinion of a product. Many of them spend almost the entire minute and a half analysing the colour of the item. So, the more you know about colour—the better.


#4 Understand your target audience’s needs


We aren’t just referring to the surface level stuff. Yes, it is important to know the basic demographics like age, gender, occupation, etc. It is even more important to have a deep understanding of them beyond the surface. A more in-depth analysis of your customers includes psychographics like buying behaviours, interests/hobbies, lifestyles, values, etc. You need to understand how your customers think and act on a daily basis. To do this, you’ll need to answer important questions about them.


**BONUS: Conduct a simple split test


Sometimes you don’t know what your target audience will be drawn to. If you want to test the waters with split testing, begin with a simple A/B test. Just split your mailing in half and send a different version to each. You can track the results to see which one performed better. If you are running two separate promotions, we recommend having a unique redemption code or URL to compare the results accurately.


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